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As bad as they wanted me, there was no winning.

The most notorious inmate ever to set foot in the St. Clair County, Michigan, jail is reclined on a ledge just off the hallway that leads to his cell. His hair, unwound hours earlier from the braids he usually wears, is pushed back from his face, falling to his shoulders in kinky waves. He’s saddled with a few extra pounds, but that’s to be expected. He’s been locked up in this suburban facility, an hour north of Detroit and just across the water from Ontario, for three Michigan winters. That’s countless days stuck in a coop where you can’t be let outside, not even to exercise, not even for an hour, unless the ther­mostat creeps above 40 degrees. Fat chance of breaking 40 in February, or even in March. He’s actually looking forward to prison, hopefully somewhere down South where it’s warm.

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BMF on the History Channel show "Gangland": In an episode titled "Death Before Dishonor," the History Channel delves into the Black Mafia Family. BMF author Mara Shalhoup makes a guest appearance. Fri., Sept. 24, 10 p.m. www.history.com.


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