Olivier Perreau, “Venizia is a true warrior”

This weekend, the second week of the Sunshine Tour in Vejer de la Frontera in Spain won the CSI4* Grand Prix for Swiss Steve Guerdat and Maddox de Albfuehren. Starting last on the tiebreak, the pair beat Habs Olivier Perreau, who finished second with GL Events Venizia d’Aiguilly. Come back with us on your Spanish tour.

Could you give us a summary of your weekend, punctuated by your second place in the 4* Grand Prix with GL Events Venizia D’aiguilly?

I’m very happy, the mare jumped very well the first round and the tiebreaker. I thought there was a good Grand Prix. We are at the beginning of the season, last week he did two rounds to get in shape where he was already good. This week she confirmed it being twice second which is great. He is not going to race the third week because I think he has already gotten into the competition well.

Tell us about her, what are her qualities?

She is a mare that has a huge heart, beautiful energy, very stubborn with much respect and has a formidable head, she is a true warrior.

You are on the Sunshine Tour in Spain with several horses. What are your goals on this tour?

it already is put all the horses back on the road. I came here with twelve horses, eight for 4* racing and four for young horse racing. I am happy with all my horses, I took the opportunity to start new horses, they all behave quite well. GL Events Dolce Deceuninck is competitive. He has experience, he often accompanies Venizia in competitions to do speed tests. She has already won one event and is second in another. then i have young horses in training like GL Events Dorai D’aiguilly or Dalton Du Morion that take 9 years and start make good tests. Among the new horses is Ardan De Maucourt and Quantico 28 which is a horse I have high hopes for. He is a 10-year-old horse that I like very much, I think he will accompany me this year in some great events.

Why did you choose this tour in Vejer de la Frontera?

Is here second year that I come I came last year, I liked it a lot because there are a lot of place, many different tracks, several grass fields. It is very pleasant for the horses and the riders, the weather is very good, the the tracks are very well set up, with good track leaders and a park of super obstacles in all the quarries. We also have a large forest to work the horses out of competition. Horses and riders feel good, there is also trade, it is a tour that I enjoy and I think I will return.

What are your next goals for the rest of the season?

With Venizia it will be jump hermes, you’ll have three weeks off until then. So with GL Events Dorai D’aiguilly it would be to run the French Championship in Fontainebleau at the end of April.

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