Presidential: Emmanuel Macron officially candidate

End of a (false) suspense. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron will be a candidate to succeed him in the 2022 presidential elections. Everything was ready: campaign team, program, sponsorships and opponents. All that was missing was the official statement. This occurs “at the doorbell” on March 3 at night.

The shape ? A letter to the French addressed to the regional press. An illustration of “at the same time” or “neither to the right nor to the left” that borrows from François Mitterrand and Nicolas Sarkozy. In 1988, the socialist president had sent a long letter to the French, while Jacques Chirac’s successor, during the 2007 presidential elections, had formalized his candidacy to the regional press.

The bottom ? “I ask for your confidence for a new term as President of the Republic (…). I am a candidate to defend your values ​​that the disturbances of the world threaten”. The outgoing president only has 38 days left on the campaign trail, a situation he deplores and attributes to “in the international context”.

This letter to the French is also an opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to present the main lines of his campaign. In particular, he claims to defend “the productive reconquest through work”. Tax cuts and pension reform should also be on the campaign menu: “we will have to work more and continue lowering taxes on work and production”. The outgoing president also mentions the ecological transition as he intends “to put France at the forefront in sectors such as renewable energies, nuclear energy, batteries, agriculture, digital or space, will mark the future and allow us to become a great ecological nation”.

In his letter, Emmanuel Macron salutes part of his economic history: “our industry has created jobs for the first time and unemployment has reached its lowest level in fifteen years.” However, the message admits some flaws. “We have not succeeded in everything. There are choices that, with the experience gained with you, I would certainly make another way”. However, he alleges mitigating circumstances: “For five years, we have gone through a series of tests together. Terrorism, pandemic, return to violence, war in Europe: rarely has France faced such an accumulation of crises. We have faced them with dignity and fraternity.”

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