Adlivun, diving into the secrets of the dark depths

THE BD BOX – Italian Vincenzo Balzano revisits the legend of the mysterious disappearance of ships Maria Celeste, the terror and theErebus, In the nineteen century. A magnificent fast-paced story, steeped in dreams and mythology, whose genesis reveals the author.

Dover, 1847. In a tavern in the English city, heated discussions are taking place about the mysterious disappearance of the ships thatErebus and the Terror, sent on an expedition to the Arctic. Not complaining about the expense, the Royal Navy is looking for volunteers for a rescue mission. If some are tempted by the promise of gold, others dread the journey. In one corner, Briggs, the captain of the Maria Celeste, Listen carefully to these hesitations. For him, the opportunity is too good to go out on the open sea and face unknown lands. After convincing the crew of him, he embarks on this crazy trip. Unaware of the dark mysteries that await him…

In 1872, the ship Mary Celeste was found abandoned by her crew near the Strait of Gibraltar. Before him, the two ships HMS Erebus and hms terror, left for the Arctic in search of the Northwest Passage had disappeared in 1845 without a trace. Three disappearances that feed the book adlivun Italian Vincenzo Balzano. Then clinton road Inspired by the royal road that feeds the most terrifying legends of the United States, the author returns to immerse the reader in a fast-paced story tinged with strangeness.

“The album was born from my reading of an old edition of Adventures of Captain Hatteras by Jules Verne who was inspired by the volatilization of terror and of theErebus. What immediately interested me in this story is the journey into the unknown and the discovery of a totally unknown population at the time, the Inuit, whose mythological stories I used. Vincenzo Balzano says.

To portray the navigators of the time, both fascinated and frightened by the discovery of Antarctica, to evoke the feelings they experienced in the face of this frantic call from the open sea to uncharted lands, such was the ambition of the Italian author: “These chargers of yesteryear were a bit like the astronauts of today. The world that remains to be explored today is space, the only place that is still a source of enchantment of which modern technology has not revealed all the secrets to us. points out.

The sea has fed Vincenzo Balzano’s dreams since his earliest childhood. Coming from a family of sailors, he never stopped composing imaginary stories around the voyages of his grandfather and his father. Weaving memories, readings and fertile imagination, adlivun he plunges the reader into the dark depths of the abyss that his watercolors brilliantly bring to light.

The Comic Book Box: Vincenzo Balzano Deciphered

“This being asleep in the depths is intended to arouse the reader’s curiosity and take it to a more fantastic dimension.” Vincenzo Balzano / Ankama

“This nighttime board, a moment of calm before the storm, marks the album’s first supernatural appearance, in the form of a siren. This being asleep in the depths aims to arouse the reader’s curiosity and take him to a more fantastic dimension.»

I wanted to inject a bit of fear into my depiction of the abyss.

vincent balzano

“The difference in proportions between the ship and the creature illustrates the work’s penchant for the phantasmagorical. The sea I am drawing is also not realistic, I wanted to give it a more dreamlike look. I also wanted to inject a bit of fear into my description of the abyss.”

“The siren evokes the figurehead of ships. At that moment the figurehead displayed a lantern to part the mist. Like the flashlight, this siren will guide Captain Briggs on his journey.

“Joseph Conrad’s quote questions the reader about his own relationship with the sea. Through this text, I address him directly, encouraging him to pause introspectively to reflect on this question. It is the basis of the entire album. Graphically , watercolor, with its accidents or the unexpected dispersion of its colors, perfectly conveys the unpredictable character of the sea.

adlivunVincenzo Balzano, Ankama, €19.90.

Exhibition of the original plates in the gallery. buy art , 24 rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris. Until March 19.


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