Hygienic protections: its composition will soon be listed on the packaging

A matter of “public health and environmental health”. The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, recently indicated that the government was preparing a decree that will require manufacturers of health protection to be more transparent. Currently, it is still impossible to know the exact composition of tampons and sanitary pads…

Therefore, the government wants to force manufacturers to publish “the precise, exhaustive and transparent consumption of everything that makes up tampons, sanitary pads, menstrual cups”, according to information transmitted by France Inter (source 1) and Liberation (source 2 ). ), Thursday, March 10, 2022. The text must be applied on January 1, 2023.

As a reminder, in a report published in December 2019, ANSES identified a series of toxic substances in tampons and sanitary towels that include pesticides such as glyphosate or lindane, a pesticide banned in the European Union.

Associations welcome a “first step”

“It’s good to have the list of products, but it does not tell women how to read and analyze them. Why not highlight in bold the potentially dangerous products, whose use ANSES recommends limiting, or creating a kind of hygiene score, on the nutriscore model?”, analyzes Maud Leblon, general director of the association. Basic rulesinterviewed by Inter of France. And to add: “Once we have this transparency, we can start the second phase. We can launch more precise and specific studies on the intravaginal use of these protections to see what is happening.”

For its part, the Ministry of Health hopes that this transparency obligation will encourage the manufacturers themselves to become aware of the problem and improve the composition of your hygiene products. “It has already worked and has changed the behavior of manufacturers. They have reduced the sugar in soft drinks, they have reduced the salt in ham… I am convinced that we will also achieve virtuous behavior from manufacturers of health protection”, says Olivier Veran.

Note: any breach of the decree will be subject toa fine of 1,500 euros. “In case of recurrence over time, manufacturers will be exposed to the withdrawal of the products outright”, the minister has finally assured.

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