The French in force at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, Peugeot with a great novelty!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Paris Motor Show has not been held for 3 and a half years. The year 2022 should mark the return of the Parisian meeting. And the French not to miss the train, as we confirm today!

Auto shows may have resumed since the Covid-19 pandemic receded around the world, we can’t help but believe that it will have greatly undermined this type of event, at a very high cost for manufacturers and less profitable than before in the age of digital communication. As proof, in Europe, only the Munich Motor Show, which replaced Frankfurt in September 2021, has given a small taste of the pre-crisis. But it remains to this day the only large-scale event dedicated to the automobile since 2019. But the situation finally seems to be changing in 2022. If the Geneva Motor Show did not take place in March as usual, the Geneva Motor Show Paris, scheduled for October 17-23, should indeed take place. And L’Automobile magazine confirms to you today that French manufacturers, except for major health or geopolitical issues, will mainly make the tripwhich will give real interest to the meeting at the Porte de Versailles.

Renault, Alpine and Dacia on the agenda

Renault, first, will be there. To tell the truth, there was little doubt about the presence of Losange, who had already made the trip to Munich in September 2021. In Paris, on the other hand, they have the entire Renault group, with Alpine and Dacia. Difficult to know, for the moment, what will be the surprises in the stands, but the presence of the future electric Renault 5 cannot be ruled out, perhaps in the form of a concept even closer to reality. This would also be the first outing in front of the French public for this descendant of the Supercinq..

Peugeot present and with the new 408 Crossover!

On the Stellantis side, it goes without saying that all 14 brands will not all be present. But today we can confirm that Peugeot will make the trip! Good news given the obsessive cost reduction advocated by Carlos Tavares, who could have been right with the participation of the Lion in the great raout of the Porte de Versailles. Good news never goes alone, Peugeot is organizing for the 408 Crossover, which we still do not know, to take its first crowd bath in Paris. In addition to getting behind the wheel of the new French coupé SUV, you should even be able to control it, although caution should be maintained regarding the industrial disturbances that the automotive sector has been going through for several months. If the 408 Crossover were to be shown to the general public in early summer, the Paris Motor Show would be its first real-life appearance.

The presence of the other French brands in the group remains to be decided: DS and Citroën. For DS, a dead end in Paris would not be welcome, she who rightly claims French luxury. As for Citroën, its mainstream positioning predestines it to this type of event, which continues to be made to sell cars. Its absence would be all the less noticed as it would be the only French brand not…

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