Lot. Rémi Branco and the deputy for Mayenne present solutions to medical deserts

Rémi Branco and Guillaume Garot, deputy for Mayenne (©RD)

On Wednesday March 16 in Cahors, a public meeting will take place on the solutions to medical desertsabout Remi Branco and Guillaume Garotdeputy for Mayenne, author of a bill to the National Assembly on medical deserts.

The group “Let’s talk” created by Rémi Branco, vice-president of the Lot Departmental Council, has been reflecting and discussing for several months with the inhabitants of Lot on the question of the fight against medical deserts. It is within the framework of this reflection that Rémi Branco invited Guillaume Garot in the Lot to present to the people of the Lot the bill of which he is the author in the National Assembly. This was supported by 150 young elected officials from all over France, including 50 Lotois in a column published in Liberation on Wednesday January 19 at the initiative of Rémi Branco.

“An alarming finding and solutions”

Rémi Branco clarifies the meaning of his approach:

“Today in France, 10% of our fellow citizens live in medical deserts, prisoners of non-care areas. For them, the fundamental principle of equal access to care inherited from the National Council of Resistance is no longer respected.

In the Lot, the situation is becoming alarming. It is becoming more and more common for a retiring general practitioner not to be replaced. It becomes common to have to wait months or have to travel tens of kilometers to find a dentist.

Program of Guillaume Garot’s visit to Rémi Branco:

– 5:30 pm.: trip to Castelnau-Montratier to discuss with elected officials, the medical profession and neighbors about the health center project carried out by the municipality and the community of municipalities of Quercy Blanc,

– 8:30 pm.: Public meeting at Le Grand Palais de Cahors cinema with Rémi Branco in the presence of Jean-Marc Vayssouze, Mayor of Cahors. The floor will be given to citizens, the medical union as well as various public and private actors that provide solutions to medical desertification.

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