Ukraine: topic of tension between Beijing and Taipei

Although the Taiwanese leader and the Chinese leaders agree that Taiwan is not Ukraine, but for several weeks the Taiwanese and Western media have attested that China could attack the island.

To reassure herself, Tsai Ing-wen explained on February 23 that“in terms of geostrategic factors, geography and [en raison ] the importance of our role in international supply chains, the situations in Taiwan and Ukraine they are fundamentally different.

for Chinese, the most fundamental difference is that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territoryand the Taiwan issue is entirely China’s internal affair, while the Ukraine issue is a dispute between Russia and Ukraine, which are two states.Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister, recently recalled.


However, if China attacks Taiwan, it will do so within the framework of the country’s reunification, and will reject the interference of the United Nations in its “Internal Affairs”.

On the contrary, since Taiwan was not a member of the UN, the island could not attend either the Security Council or the United Nations General Assembly.

“However, an attack by Taiwan would destabilize the strait and pose a threat to regional and even world peaceand could therefore, despite everything, be the subject of UN resolutions.Jean-Pierre Cabestan, a sinologist at the Hong Kong Baptist University, explained to Le Monde newspaper.

An opinion shared by Tanguy Lepesant, associate researcher at the French Center for the Study of Contemporary China, who explains to that “The landing of a Chinese army seems impossible to me at this time, even in two or three years.”

What’s more, the chinese army has no experience in territorial invasion, raising fears of a failure that could benefit Taiwan. Indeed, “because if it doesn’t work the first time, Taiwan declares its independence, which will probably be immediately recognized by a large part of the world”Tanguy Lepesant said.


However, as concern grew in Taiwan, hundreds of Taiwanese Army reservists participated in training on March 14. following a call for “unity” on the island launched by leader Tsai Ing-wen.

In 2021, Taiwan has stepped up reservist training amid rising tensions between Beijing and Taipei. Especially since Chinese military aircraft have made a record number of sorties into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Some 400 reservists participated in firing exercises March 14 as part of a combat readiness program. His training simulates the defense of a beach located near the capital Taipei.

Furthermore, in October 2021, the Wall Street Journal revealed thatTwenty US special forces soldiers and marines form Taiwanese contingents.

China denounced this situation, calling on Washington to “fully recognize the high sensitivity of Taiwan-related issues” and to “respect the one-China principle”. United States must “stop establishing military ties with Taiwan so as not to seriously damage the Sino-US relationship”warned this spokesman.


On March 12, Tsai Ing-wen stressed to these reservists the need for the island to be united to ensure its defense. The latter claimed that “The situation in Ukraine demonstrates once again that the protection of the country, in addition to international solidarity and assistance, depends on the unity of the people.”

Gen. Chen Chung-chi, chief of the Taiwan Army’s 6th Command, noted that “The security of the entire country does not depend only on the soldiers”highlighting the reservist troops added to the professional soldiers.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken a markedly more aggressive approach toward Taipei since the election of leader Tsai Ing-wen in 2016, who rejects the principle of a “only Chinese”.

Taiwan has 23 million inhabitants. The island has been governed since 1945 by an autonomous government from Beijing and headquartered in Taipei (the “Republic of China”), from the victory of the communists in mainland China in 1949 to the end of the Chinese Civil War.

the “People’s Republic of China”, whose capital is Beijing, considers Taiwan as one of its provinces. He threatens to use force in the event of a formal proclamation of independence on the island.

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