Open Amateur 2022: qualification rules

From July 18 to 24, the Le Mans European Pole will host the first edition of the Open Amateur de France. A new event created to complete the sports offer offered to amateur drivers. Discover the qualifying conditions to participate in this new championship.

The Open Amateur de France includes all-around, dressage, jumping and hunting events. The qualifying period runs from June 14, 2021 to June 26, 2022. Each test is divided according to three age categories : Seniors and + which includes cyclists born in 1991 and before, Young Seniors which includes cyclists born between 2022 and 1992 and Young and – which includes cyclists born after 2001.
same pair they can participate in two championships of two different disciplines and if the couple is classified in two championships of the same discipline, they can choose to participate in the championship of their choice. the same rider You can participate in two championships in two different disciplines and in the same discipline. In this case, you will need to qualify on two different indices.

the point system

Each index of each discipline requires a minimum number of points so that the couple can participate. These mandatory qualification points vary between the different indices and disciplines. For example, a jockey in Amateur 1 Young Seniors at CSO should earn seventy points for himself and thirty-five points for the horse. For the Elite Amateur Hunter category, the rider must obtain forty points and the horse twenty points.

Points = the index points x the event coefficient (x the circuit coefficient)

index points correspond to the points obtained according to their position in the final classification of an event. The runners who arrive in the last quarter do not add points.
Elite Index: 1st trimester = 20 points; 2nd quarter = 10 points; 3rd quarter = 5 points
Index 1: 1st quarter = 16 points; 2nd quarter = 8 points; 3rd quarter = 4 points
Track 2: 1st quarter = 12 points; 2nd quarter = 6 points; 3rd quarter = 3 points
Lane 3: 1st quarter = 8 points; 2nd quarter = 4 points; 3rd quarter = 2 points
Lane 4: 1st quarter = 4 points; 2nd quarter = 2 points; 3rd quarter = 1 point

Each test of each discipline corresponds to a certain coefficient.
factor 0.5: special jumps, dressage A and B and full derby cross.
Coefficient 0.75: speed and preparatory jumps, preliminary dressage/FEI and free team, CCE Full Derby.
Factor 1: Big prizes for jumping and dressage, all hunting and eventing tests.

The circuit coefficient corresponds to a regional circuit test that counts double, coefficient 2. A maximum of ten regional stages per rider are taken into account.

Point Calculation Example: In CSO Amateur Elite, a runner who comes in second quarter in a speed test, gets ten points (index points) x 0.75 (test coefficient), that is, 7.5 points in total. If the test is classified as a regional circuit, the number of points is doubled (coefficient 2), so the runner gets 15 points.

foreign riders

Competitors from overseas departments and regions and overseas communities benefit from a special repeal measure. Only two events completed in Amateur and/or Preparatory competition in the discipline in question are required to qualify. To benefit from this measure, you must be on leave from a foreign club for at least five months before Monday, July 4, 2022, registration closing date. No qualification is required for ponies/horses entered with DROM-COM competitors.

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