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Author Adam Grant, whose books are on the best-seller list of the New York Timesand who teaches management at Wharton University in addition to being a co-founder of the Next Big Idea Club, demonstrates in his book, think againTranslated into 35 languages ​​and now available in French, the importance of going with the flow by changing our thoughts and habits.

Specialist in behavioral theories, Adam Grant is part of the current of those who advocate the movement in all its forms, particularly through our ways of thinking. Since most people like to stay in their comfort zone, the bestselling author explains in her book: The power of flexible thinkingOn the contrary, you have to break the mold and choose to leave your zone that has become too comfortable.

Paradoxically, most people are usually very fond of new technologies. We want to have the latest smartphone, we are open to having a connected home, but when it comes time to change our positions on specific issues, many find it difficult to keep an open mind.

In addition, the author believes that it is essential to change our ideas and our perceptions. “The pandemic has forced us to be mentally flexible,” says Adam Grant. In fact, many business leaders could not have imagined that remote work could work. We held meetings remotely using technology, which would have been inconceivable before. Since there were few options, we had to adapt and see things differently, renew our thoughts and update our points of view. Ultimately, this allowed most businesses to continue operating and several people to save their jobs.

Doing the opposite was beneficial. Others have altered their business plans or changed their focus, or even changed direction entirely. It was those who showed flexibility who emerged victorious.

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“One of the keys to success is forging flexible thinking,” argues the author.

Learning to test your ideas, question yourself and accept certain contradictions are ways to move towards success, to achieve wisdom and excellence.

It goes without saying that to get there, you have to display a healthy dose of humility. Admitting that you were wrong is not always easy, but it is the path to success.

“Arrogance blinds us, while humility allows us to overcome certain weaknesses,” recalls the author. However, any discussion of ideas in a group of people should be constructive. Hence the importance of participating adopting an open mind, it is the only way to move forward with serenity.

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Although most do not like to renew their thoughts, some are more gifted than others in this area and do it naturally, without having to. Thus, the author invites these people to help others to renew their thoughts by allowing them to show flexibility.

Among his many tips to lead to success, there is also the importance of helping others to lead to success.

More than ever, life is in perpetual change, so it is essential to review and re-evaluate your career plans to adapt to the current reality.

  • Adam Grant’s books have sold over a million copies worldwide.
  • You can follow the American author on his website: www.adamgrant.net

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