Handball: author of a new offensive card against Aix, PSG one step away from the absolute record

This PSG is unstoppable. At least for the moment. Your opponents can inflate the chest and use all possible means, nothing helps. The numbers of the season in the League prove it: 22 games, 22 victories, the last one this Sunday afternoon against Aix (37-32). A perfect course, at the moment equivalent to last year. In a week, the Karabatic brothers and their teammates will have to beat the proud Bretons of Cesson… themselves undefeated at home!

What to remember

A little less than a year ago, Nantes, current runner-up, finished the Parisian series in Coubertin (24-25). It was reasonable to imagine Aixois, third in the standings, arriving in turn to surprise in the same place. With Mathieu Ong, their striker, Karl Konan, the French team’s latest revelation, and their pair of absolutely regular goalkeepers (Wesley Pardin and Alejandro Romero), the Provençal club, excellent from the ground up, had the means. Insufficient.

It only took five minutes for PSG to show who’s boss. Very quickly, Dainis Kristopans and Kamil Syprzak stand out, the two scorers of the moment, while Yann Genty is in charge of stopping the opposing offensives (12-9, 20th). A small novelty in Coubertin, where the French champion usually starts in diesel mode before accelerating. At the break, the suspense has almost disappeared (18-14).

Back from the locker room, Mathieu Grébille continues to score goals and Nikola Karabatic recovers the efficiency that he lacked during the first half hour. The gap widens inexorably (32-24, 50º) in a true attack festival. A good omen before receiving, on Thursday, the Norwegians from Elverum for the second leg of the Champions League (30-30 to go, editor’s note), where they will have to win to join Kiel in the quarterfinals.

Player: Elohim Prandi

For the third game since his return to the field, the left back, who had been violently assaulted on New Year’s Eve, participated in the celebration scoring five goals. After his worthy performances at Nancy and then at Elverum in the middle of the week, the 23-year-old former Nîmes player once again showed that he has practically regained all his sensations. Too fair, however, to join the group of France, which will face Spain twice in a friendly (April 14 in Paris and then April 16 in Chambéry), and which has just been presented by Guillaume Gille.

the number: 9

Or the number of consecutive wins for PSG against Aix, only in the league elsewhere. The last success of the Pays d’Aix dates back to November 22, 2017 (33-31). However, by scoring 37 goals this Sunday, the capital club did not break its efficiency record (38-28 in February 2020).

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