“It was interesting to tell how these soldiers compare their commitment to the reality on the ground”

The series “Sentinels” paints the portraits of French soldiers of the Barkhane force in Mali. Frédéric Krivine and Thibaut Valetoux are the guests of “Info media”.

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Frédéric Krivine, author of the series a french village, signs with Thibault Valetoux a formidable social and political series: sentinelsportraits of young soldiers of the force B.arkhane in Mali due to the impossibility of his task. The seven-episode series is available on OCS beginning Tuesday, April 5.

sentinels was first born in the mind of Thibault Valetoux, a young screenwriter who wanted to tell the story of the French youth that is getting involved. The framework will be the Barkhane force sent to Mali by François Hollande to fight against terrorism and jihadism. Their characters, they choose them watching army ads: “At the beginning of 2015, I saw the army recruitment drives. We saw photos: a black soldier, a woman, and someone you might imagine was the son of a general.” Explain Thibault Valetoux.

Frédéric Krivine later joined the project: “Politically it is very interesting. It is the largest external intervention of the French army in recent years. It was interesting to tell how these young people and these officers confronted their commitment with the reality on the ground. C It is one thing to get involved, to serve France and to have ends more or less humanistic, another thing is being able to do it or not being able to do it”.

The series written two years ago anticipated the withdrawal of the Barkhane force decided by the current government. The series in 7 episodes is available on OCS.

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