Halo: A Cookbook Announced By Microsoft, Price And Information

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This week seems to be decidedly focused on cooking and video games: after a book dedicated to a certain CD Projekt RED franchise, it’s up to the Halo series to have its own cookbook.

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Yesterday we learned of the existence of a cookbook of The Witcher video games: a rather unusual fact, whose information is available at this address. As if following in the footsteps of CD Projekt RED, Microsoft has just lifted the veil on another similar work, but this time dedicated to the entire Halo universe.one of the most iconic brands.

“The Official Halo Cookbook” is therefore a cookbook imagined and designed by Victoria Rosenthal, which has made this type of production its specialty since we owe it the ‘official cookbooks’ of Fallout, Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny or even Street Fighter. Halo is therefore the new Ferrero Rocher in its pyramid and also, there is enough to salivate.

341 calories

So if you’re a little hungry and/or you’re a die-hard fan of Master Chief’s adventures, then be happy from the book offers more than seventy recipes, suitable for all levels. Then we find snacks, hearty dishes, cocktails or salads, all of them directly inspired by the universe created by Bungie.

This is what the official synopsis tells us:

They say an army walks on a stomach and the UNSC is no exception! Learn how to prepare amazing appetizers, sumptuous snacks, sassy desserts and main courses to satisfy the hungriest Spartans during the toughest missions. With step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, this book gives you everything you need to go from Master Chief to Master Chef.

OVER 70 RECIPES FOR EVERY OCCASION: From portable snacks you can take with you on the Warthog to spreads to feed the whole squad, this book has recipes to satisfy every member of the UNSC and beyond!

PERFECT FOR COOKS OF ALL LEVELS: With step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos, learn how to prepare food inspired by the iconic Halo universe. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a new recruit, this book gives you the information you need to complete your culinary mission.

This is what inspires. The problem? We do not yet have information on a French translation. However, “The Official Halo Cookbook” can be purchased for the modest sum of $39.99 (ie 36.58 euros)with a release date scheduled for August 16, 2022. The images will be there to help you a bit, if you are totally allergic to the language of Shakespeare.

Halo: A Cookbook Announced By Microsoft, Price And Information Halo: A Cookbook Announced By Microsoft, Price And Information

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