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TopGear Magazine #40

I would tell you that the car revolution is underway, but you already know that. However, what you may not know is that it is only in its infancy. Because contrary to what certain “elites” try to make us swallow, the electric car as we know it today is not THE solution. It will be necessary to compose a diversified ecosystem, made up of 100% electric vehicles for daily commutes, but also more fuel cells for larger vehicles that need a (real) great autonomy. Not forgetting the evolutions to come in battery technology which, themselves, are only in their infancy. Current lithium-ion batteries still have a lot of room for improvement, but we also expect many other technologies, such as dry batteries or supercapacitors, or even combinations of these different solutions. And probably more.

Meanwhile, what we are sure of is that Europe aims to ban the sale of thermal vehicles in 2035. Until they ban the sale of fossil fuels altogether. It is clear that we will have to go there by force… or by force. Which puts us in a tricky position. On the one hand, it is very exciting to live this profound revolution in this automotive sector that we are passionate about, and we strive to guide you through all these kWh, these continuous magnets and these charging capacities. But on the other hand, it is unleaded that runs through our veins and our hearts bleed as we watch the old world fade away.

I know that, perhaps thanks to synthetic fuels, some will continue to keep part of our heritage alive and functioning. Achievements that others would simply like to grind without admitting that a V12 is a piece of goldsmith in the same way as a 17th century automaton.Y century.

But the vast majority of future generations, elevated to instant torque and quiet operation, won’t even understand that we can appreciate our old internal combustion engine so much. And it is what we will miss the most that they will understand the least. The noise, the smell, the vibrations, the power surge, the gear changes.

But, rather than feel sorry for a future over which we have little control, we at TG have decided to celebrate and enjoy the wonders that the thermal car still has to offer. For this reason, we have combined two of the best engines in the world with the W16 8.0 from the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport and the V12 6.5 from the Ferrari 812 Competizione. But also four of the best 4x4s on the market for a showdown in the heart of Wales, a sneak peek at the latest addition to Ferrari’s Icona collection, the Daytona SP3 and, for those who may have forgotten, a reminder that driving pleasure and sportiness does not start beyond 300 hp with our car of the year 2021, the Hyundai i20N, trying to escape a storm in the middle of the Australian bush.

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