The writer and former mayor of Trégastel, Loïc Le Guillouzer, has died

The former mayor of Trégastel, Loïc Le Guillouzer had written fifteen books. ©Le Trégor Archives

with the death of Loic Le Guillouzer is a Tregastel figure who disappears Mayor from 2001 to 2008, had turned the page in politics after a real trench war against the municipal team of his successor, Xavier Martín. To obscure many others: “The life I lead now is the one I dreamed of for a long time, dedicating myself to writing”, he had then confided to the Tregor.

Finishedfifteen books, the man, well aware of local realities and people, was always in the background. “I surrender, I always have a concern for the truth. I can only write from what I know. In my novels there is a third of experience, a third of fiction and a third of reality”, he said.

From Brittany to the wide open spaces of North America

Associate Professor of English, Docent at IUT and Enssat in Lannion, English-French Translator, Activist at UDB, Breton committed to Diwan, this outdoor cyclist had festive Brittany and its traditions as much in mind as the great outdoors of America from North. And especially the territory of the Indians of the Karuk tribe, where he lived since the 1960s, finding bridges there with Britain through remarkable works.

“Loïc was a man of community, of friendship, of fidelity, the only ones possible to organize and succeed in celebrations such as the famous fest noz du Calvaire, which became Gouel an hañv, the summer party, and many others”, he salutes. . the historian Jean Jacques Monnier, traveling companion since the 1970s. If novelists tend to be individualists, Loïc, a good bell ringer, knew how to work as a team, with other musicians, painters, designers, especially friends. We will also remember his kindness and his modesty, even in positions of responsibility, but without ever denying his humanistic principles”.

At the service of literature

Winner of several literary prizes, Loïc Le Guillouzer had republished, in 2021, The Eternal Father is garbagea caustic thriller from California to the Pink Granite Coast that distilled good humor and Trégorrois impertinence.

However, in the face of illness, he remained very active, in particular in the organization of Marque-Plage, the Trégastel Book and Reading Festival. with the team of Red Dragoncollection of bilingual French-Breton short stories published in 2019 by Trégastellois Jean-Marie Goaterwas involved last month in the creation of the homonymous association to promote literature in Trégor-Goëlo.

“Before choosing one of his manuscripts, I looked at what he had written before. I appreciate his rigor and his sobriety but also his territorial roots and his traveling soul”, trusted the editor Jean-Marie Goater in 2016. The style was the man.

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