Online and mobile banking: the selection Digital-Challenges

In collaboration with the economic magazine challengesthe wording of Digital offers you a selection of the 10 neobanks that are currently making a difference in France, according to banking and technical criteria.

The neobank sector continues to attract the French, who increasingly opt for its services. By the end of 2021, more than 12 million in France had succumbed to his offers, according to the magazine’s estimates. challenges, our partner in this matter. In total, more than 30 neobanks have been launched in France since 2010, Exton Consulting explains in a study published in 2021. But the border between online banking and mobile banking can always seem a bit blurry. When asked what the difference is between the two, Jérémie Rosselli, general manager of N26 France, which has 2.5 million users in France and 7.5 million in Europe, replies: “This is the same difference as between a landline and a mobile phone.“And add, caricaturing a bit, that”today with a mobile bank, you can do everything from your mobile phone. You are going to open your account even on a Sunday, to do all your transactions from your mobile phone where with a mobile bank, you have to make an appointment, get up on a Saturday morning, see your banker and travel each time to make a transaction”.

However, the horizon is not necessarily all rosy for neobanks. ING Bank, a historic player, decided last December to withdraw from the French market. Lille-based fintech Swoon closed last July. In question ? Profitability linked to models focused on free banking services and very aggressive offers to attract as many customers as possible. Therefore, players in this market are forced to review their policy. “As with streaming or media, online banks are moving from a free model to a mix of paid offerings with additional services“, believes Luis Calleja, associate director of Oresys.

All in the app

Whether they come from the lap of traditional banks or were born on the Web, whether they want to replace their user’s primary bank or simply serve as a secondary account, all these neobanks must have an app on smartphones to replace the bank branch of its customers. , multi-service desk and financial advisor at the same time. The challenge is, therefore, to have an offer that is as clear and complete as possible. Et désormais, il s’agit aussi de séduire une nouvelle clientèle, les adolescents (from 12 to 17 ans), in leur proposant une dediée tout en laissant suffisamment d’utils de supervision aux parents et gardiens pour les aider dans leur découverte de the bank.

In our handling of the different applications, we have privileged those that offer their services clearly and those that make greater use of smartphone support: what types of mobile payments are available, is it possible to make a transfer or transfer request by SMS Are there functions to facilitate mobile shopping, are biometric recognition systems used to secure the application and some of its functions? Another important point, given that open banking has become widespread, it is now unthinkable not to offer your client a complete view of their finances directly in their application, not only about the different accounts and credits they have in this bank, but also in other financial. institutions It can even be used to refine the recommendations made to it if the application includes a personal budget manager or the possibility of setting up a kitty for certain projects.

Ten of them have been selected in this new selection made exclusively with the economic magazine challenges, at the end of a choice related to technical accessibility and economic offer. The pioneers of online banking are obviously included (Boursorama Banque, Hello Bank, Fortuneo, BForBank). What are their particularities? They are backed by a traditional banking entity and offer the same financial products (account, credit, stock, savings, etc.) Mobile Banks like Ma French Bank, Orange Bank, Monabanq and N26 represent the new generation of banking services, joined by fintech Revolut and iconoclastic Nickel Banque, which still offers to open an account with their tobacconist.

You can now read our file in the paper magazine of challenges available at newsstands or on its website (paid item). You will be able to discover from Friday April 15 our tests of the first three banks of the selection: Boursorama, Orange Bank and N26 as well as our comparison. Testing of the other seven banks will follow, with a post every Thursday on our site.

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