Community expenses: Specific premiums

The Advenir program offers several types of bonuses for individuals in apartment building. The ADVENIR aid, acronym for “Aid for the Development of the Electric Vehicle thanks to the New Recharging Infrastructures” is an aid that aims to finance part of the works for the installation of recharging points. As a City Council, if you install terminals for residents, you can benefit from aid that covers up to 60% per charging point and its installation.

Solutions to install your charging points

charging solutions Tagged ADVENT Co-workers installers are proposed. These offers may affect people in group housing, businesses and communities.

To give you an idea, the aid per recharging point is:

Beneficiary Access Assistance fee Supply and installation on amount without VAT Maximum amount per charging point Energy management bonus
Collective housing Individual fifty% €600 +360 €
Share €1,300
company or community Private 40% €1000
public €1,500

Good to know: in existing habitat for more than 2 years you benefit as an individual from the energy transition tax credit (30% of the price of the equipment, taxes included once other aid has been deducted) and the 5.5% VAT whether you are in an individual home or in a collective home.

What are the premiums for individuals in collective buildings?

Individual charging points : An owner, renter or occupant installs a charging station in their private parking space.

Shared charging points : A landlord or co-ownership union installs a charging station in a shared parking space for all occupants of the residence.

Collective infrastructure in co-ownership : a co-ownership syndicate installs a collective infrastructure that provides service to all the spaces in its car park.

Premium Assistance Amounts

single solution fifty% €960
Shared Solution fifty% €1,660
Collective infrastructure in co-ownership fifty% From €8,000 per condominium,
and up to €3,000 for works
outdoor path

How to get help?

STEP 1: define your need

Choose the type of charging point

  • Individual terminal in individual parking space: 3 kW socket or 7 kW terminal, secured by a locking system or access plate
  • Common terminal in common parking space: 7 kW or 22 kW socket with access card or free access

Choose the upload speed

  • Slow or semi-accelerated charging speed: The charging speed varies between 12h (for 3 kW charging stations) and 6 hours (for 7 kW charging stations)
  • Accelerated charging speed: The charging speed is about 2 hours for 22 kW terminals

STEP 2: choose your professional partner

To qualify for the bonus, the installer must be certified by ADVENIR.

Once your professional partner has been chosen, they will go to your car park to make a quote.

STEP 3: let him take care of the administrative part

The installer sends the budget, confirms the amount of the premium and the execution period of the work. Most of the time, he is the one who handles all the administration and monitoring of the bonus allocation.

STEP 4: receive your bonus

After the end of his work, the installer submits the supporting documents, and his premium is credited to his bank account.

To go further: what is the tenure right?

From January 1, 2015, in existing collective housing, you have the right to install, at your own expense, a charging station for your electric vehicle if:

  • Your building includes closed and open parking.
  • The consumption of the charging station is measured with an individual meter (individual billing of electricity consumption).
  • The station to be installed is a normal charging station (3 to 22 kW).

How to proceed with the installation request?

If you are a tenant:

  1. All you have to do is send your request in writing to the landlord.
  2. The owner puts the project on the agenda of the next General Assembly.

If you own:

The co-owners can decide to carry out a collective installation of terminals with the assumption of common costs by all the co-owners.

Namely : As the request for installation is not subject to a vote, the trustee cannot oppose it without legitimate and serious reason.

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