Ecology: the debate will not take place

In recent days, calls have multiplied for the climate to be at the center of the debate between two rounds. Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau, the two journalists who will present it, have notably received a letter from environmental protection associations asking them to devote at least 20% of their time to this topic. Online petitions are on the rise. And according to an Ipsos poll, 68% of French people say they will take into account the candidates’ proposals in terms of ecology in their election. If the subject ever needs to be evaded again, here are some items to clarify the decision.

President Macron: an ecology of at the same time

The disappointment undoubtedly lives up to the expectations that the new President had raised at the beginning of his mandate by appointing Nicolás Hulot in the Ministry of Ecological Transition, by renouncing new hydrocarbon operations in national territory, by putting an end to controversial projects such as Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the Golden Mountain in Guyana and the EuropaCity mega leisure park, or even launching the call “Make our planet great again.” Giving up glyphosate, breaching Paris Agreement commitments, too timid action on renewable energy deployment or energy sobriety of buildings, condemnation of France for climate inaction, missed meeting of a still-promising Citizens Climate Convention : so many shortcomings that have contributed to tarnishing a list of winners that, however, can boast of some progress. One thinks in particular of the creation of the Superior Climate Council, an independent body in charge of evaluating the government’s climate policy, of the laws to guide mobility and anti-waste for a circular economy, as well as of the efforts made at European level for the arrival of the Green Deal. In conclusion, as he likes to remember, Emmanuel Macron has certainly done it.”more than its predecessors” on the climate issue. But as Marine Braud, author of a report published by the Terra Nova think tank and former adviser to the Ministry of Ecology, points out, the equation cannot be stated in these terms: “The question is no longer whether we have done more than its predecessors on the issue, but whether the action is sufficient to effectively combat the systemic threats posed by ongoing environmental disturbances.” In the face of the climate emergency, the “at the same time” it turned off

In the face of the climate emergency, the “at the same time” it turned off

Macron candidate: the promise of a metamorphosis

Would the presidential candidate finally figure this out? Aided in this by the high score of Jean-Luc Mélenchon whose ecological commitment was a strong marker for his voters and by a Marine Le Pen who seems to leave her mouth agape, he nevertheless jumped into the void promising, finally, a metamorphosis. . On the table: a Prime Minister directly responsible for “ecological planning” and supported by two ministers responsible for “energy planning” and of the “territorial ecological planning”, the construction of six new-generation nuclear power plants (and another eight in option), the establishment of fifty offshore wind farms, the imposition of a carbon tax on borders, the renovation of 700,000 homes in five years or even the training of 400,000 people working in ecological transition. Goal set:Make France the first major country in the world to come out of dependence on fossil fuels.”

Marine Le Pen or stunted ecology

For the extreme right, ecology traditionally only has value to the extent that it can be put to the service of its ideas. The candidate of the National Rally is not the exception when highlighting it “national ecology”based on the “localism” with a “preference for French products”. A sort of France to French version. green. Added to this is a Don Quichotian aversion to wind turbines, and a conception of ecology as essentially “punitive”justifying a supposed climatic inaction, tinged with rejection of any form of sobriety that sometimes borders on the comical:The French will still be able to take their families out by car, take hot baths, enjoy a log fire in the fireplace and celebrate Christmas! We are calm.

For the extreme right, ecology traditionally only has value to the extent that it can be put to the service of its ideas.

third round

Therefore, the debate will not take place. How could it be otherwise when only one of the candidates seems to really understand, if not live up to, the climate imperative, the absolute need for a strong, planned and, dare we say, radical transformation of our economies and ways of life. ? It is up to us, voters, to put aside the worst in order to not only hope, but demand the best. Emmanuel Macron recently proclaimed in Marseille: “The policy that I will follow in the next five years will be ecological or it will not be. It is up to each of us, in our place and within our sphere of influence, to help him keep his word.

Antoine Morlighem

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