Superchargers are for motorcycles too

Launched in France at 16 pilot stations, opening up superchargers to non-Tesla vehicles also benefits electric motorcycle owners. The Twitter account transmitting this information indicates that it was unable to connect to a supercharger on the site. Therefore, he chose a close and, above all, free solution. Unfortunately, the latter was slower than a classic supercharger. Power: 7 kW, while the Superchargers can deliver electrical power of 72 kW, 150 kW or 250 kW. His new ally worked quite well, as the photo shows!

Tesla superchargers open to electric motorcycles

Slowly but surely, the public network of charging stations for electric vehicles is developing, including high-capacity installations that drastically reduce charging time. This is particularly the case for the Superchargers of the American manufacturer Tesla, whose third generation delivers up to 300 kW and should even be able to deliver 350 kW within a year.

Except that until now, to use one of these terminals, it was essential to own a Tesla car.

But for a few months, the manufacturer has started a program to open access to some of its Superchargers to vehicles of other brands and therefore also to motorcycles. After starting the project last November in the Netherlands, the brand has just extended it to Norway and France.

Only a few compatible electric motorcycles

However, the entire network is not affected, as there are currently only 16 stations. On the other hand, the latter are fairly evenly distributed throughout the territory, although the western half is larger. In addition, it is still imperative that the vehicle is equipped with a Combo CCS socket for refueling, as for example in the Energica. But few scooters are equipped with it at the moment.

Indeed, it is essential to have a quick Combo connector to access the network of the Californian manufacturer, not many owners of electric motorcycles can take advantage of the charging network of the American manufacturer. To date, only Harley-Davidson LiveWire and electric motorcycles from the Italian brand Energica have compatibility with fast charging… Lacking the famous combo connector, Zero Motorcycles’ electric motorcycles unfortunately do not have access to it.

How does it work ?

To access the Tesla Supercharger network, you must download the brand’s app and open an account. Equipped with a new interface, it allows “non-Tesla” owners to connect to one of the brand’s superchargers. The charging start is activated directly via the app.

In terms of cost, Tesla supercharger prices are more affordable than its competitor Ionity. The manufacturer offers two formulas:

  • no subscriptionthe first is based on payment by bank card with a cost of around €0.57/kWh
  • with subscriptionthe second is billed at €12.99/month and gives access to superchargers at a preferential rate of around €0.40/kWh.

Access to their terminals happens as for Tesla owners through the dedicated application. If prices remain the same for regulars, newcomers will be forced to pay extra. The manufacturer does not specify the exact amount since prices vary from season to season and may also vary depending on the season ticket used.

Tesla superchargers open to electric motorcycles
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