What about the four-handed book by Maylis de Kerangal and Joy Sorman, “Seyvoz”?

Since 2004, the Inculte collective and its associated publishing house have offered their members novelists, publishers or philosophers an escape away from the constraints and demands of traditional houses, a space of freedom and creative audacity unprecedented in the French literary scene. Sure, Mathias Énard, Hélène Gaudy, many of our great writers have taken advantage of this testing ground to step aside in their work, explore separate themes or rub shoulders with new literary forms.

This spring, it’s the turn of Maylis de Kerangal and Joy Sorman, founding member and newcomer, two virtuoso, multi-award-winning writers, to take the plunge. They join their voices and lend themselves to the dangerous exercise of the romantic tandem.

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A short and dazzling text

Short and dazzling text, like a mirage, Seyvoz it is a dive in rough waters in the heart of the mountain. Tomi Motz, a lonely and meticulous engineer is urgently called to the Alps to examine the sudden failure of a gigantic dam. But as soon as he arrives on the scene, he loses his balance.

Their guide is desperately missing and each encounter is more like a fading apparition. His body, his psyche, the notion of time and space, everything goes wrong until he doubts reality. What forces are at work in this realm of the strange?

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A timeless experience

Using an intriguing color code, two voices intertwine in this novel. One anchored in the present narrates the misadventures of the engineer Motz struggling with this mysterious land, the other, more distant, more fleeting, invites us to wander through the past and traces the painful construction of this concrete monster. A true story directly inspired by the sinking of the town of Tignes in 1952.

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History bordering on the fantastic, populated by ghosts, there is Stephen King, David Lynch in these inhabited pages. The reader is invited to a timeless experience. He is trapped, like Tomi Motz, by the unsettling magnetism of the place, and only catches his breath once the book is closed, once the illusion is swept away. And we think again of this phrase that resounds like an echo in the heart of history: “Seyvoz, a fictional wall containing a lake of artifice. »

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What about the four-handed book by Maylis de Kerangal and Joy Sorman, “Seyvoz”?

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