“Treat yourself, it shows”

The second graduating class of Bernadette Amimace, from the Raoul-Follereau high school, received at the CDI, on Thursday, April 14, Laurent Rivière, a Vauzelian crime novelist, as part of the Departmental Prize for Literature launched by the Lions Club.

The novelist, for more than an hour, answered questions from high school students with all honesty without hiding any aspect of his professional and literary career.

A committed writer, Laurent Rivière was asked about his motivation for putting his writings in the Nivernais context, he answered in the simplest way: “I like my territory and I know it well. He is inspiring to me, but I wouldn’t mind moving my stories if it’s at his service.”

There was also the question about his motivation to become an author, his book income and his writing method: “I always knew I wanted to write, so I took my time to prepare myself to write by reading many authors; I have read at least one great author per region or per country. In France, as in the rest of the world, with very few exceptions, we do not live by writing. To situate, I earn around €1 per book sold, but the passion is stronger. I try to create a discipline for myself to make it easier. For example, I never end a writing session on a blank page; if I have finished one aspect of my book, I write down the next idea and close it even if I have time left. When I have to finish a novel, I enter a writing tunnel during which I am less present in my professional activities”.

The one who was nourished by Gallimard’s Black Series was then able to develop on the pleasure that his work gives him: “I write, of course, for pleasure, but I do it with the utmost seriousness to offer something of quality to my readers. I am very proud of that my children see me working on writing. It allows me to convey to them the love of the work, and then in my mind, the social status of an author is important. »

“Reading a lot”

Laurent Rivière’s last piece of advice for very curious students to start with: “Ya, you have to read a lot, it helps you find your style and develops your vocabulary. So, you have to start little by little, writing stories, bits of history and then don’t hesitate to send them to the publishers that you have selected since they correspond to the type of writing that you are going to produce; now, with the possibility of digital, the investment is reduced. But above all, have fun, it shows.


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