an alternative to the paper book

In the context of the rapid development of the Internet and the emergence of new communication channels, the book industry has undergone profound changes.

In 2022, the audiobook appears as the alternative intended to support the production and sale of books, and this, online. Point.

Context of the evolution of the book: the place of the audiobook in 2022

In 2022, literature is written and published on the Internet. Authors are increasingly able to make themselves known and sell their works through digital publishing platforms, particularly audiobooks. In addition, the book is considered a cultural asset and national heritage, which finally, thanks to digital technology, reaches the largest number in just a few seconds. In this sense, platforms such as Audible offer a one-month trial offer that allows you to have a free audiobook. The brand’s audiobooks can be downloaded and read on various media such as iPhone and iPad or Android smartphones and tablets.

Why use the audiobook?

An audiobook is a book that is read aloud. It was developed in the early 1970s to make books accessible to people who are visually impaired or unable to stand up on their own to read a book.

Since then, it has established itself as the ideal alternative to the paper book. The latter allows you to read (listen to) a book when you are on public transport or in public places. Likewise, it should be noted that the audiobook is very popular among people who have vision problems and by those who have a professional activity that does not give them respite. In fact, thanks to text reading technology, the audio book proves to be a fully functional alternative to reading the paper book.

Who is the audiobook for?

The audiobook is for all readers and book lovers, whether young or old, sighted or visually impaired. Additionally, audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular as they appeal to an audience that cannot afford widespread access to classic books. This is also explained by the fact that audiobooks represent a very interesting alternative for people who work all day and cannot spend much time reading.

The benefits of the downloadable audiobook format


The audiobook is a very practical and accessible solution to read your digital books, since you don’t need to be online to listen to an audiobook. Therefore, you can do it everywhere: at home, on foot, in your car, on the train or subway, on the bus or in any other means of transport… saving time.

great for concentrating

The audiobook is a great way to develop concentration and cognitive skills. You focus on listening to the book, and nothing else, a single highly recommended stress-relieving task.


You can read your audio books anywhere and anytime with your mobile phone thanks to the proper format. This feature is especially useful if you don’t have a computer, travel a lot, use public transportation frequently, and always wanted to read but couldn’t.

Ease of storage

Audiobooks are very small in size and can be easily stored on your mobile phone. They take up much less space than paper books. No need to hide them in your suitcase, no need to take them to the beach. You can play your audiobook whenever and wherever you want.

like music

You can play your audiobook while doing something else. For example, you can listen to one while cooking or during a break at work. You don’t have to concentrate on listening and you can read much faster than you would with a paper book.

economical and ecological

Audiobooks are very cheap. They cost less than paper books. Also, by preferring audiobooks, you also save paper. So you’re doing something for the planet. Let’s not forget that there is no small stake! To your ears!

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