Magnac, passionate about the sworn poetry of Livre Inter

He learned of his selection at the same time as the general public when the composition of the jury was announced in mid-March. It was the second time that he was a candidate. “You can only be selected once in your life”, is delighted to have dropped the year Delphine de Vigan. Even if he doesn’t know if she will really dare to speak to him, “I am quite discreet”.

Introspection through reading.

At 37 years old, this young father of a 5-year-old girl confesses a deep love for reading. “I have been reading since I was a child; At first I thought that reading was a way to escape from reality. With the years and the books, I realized that reading was a true investigation of myself, a means of introspection. »

Especially when you immerse yourself in the works of Patrick Modiano or those of the president of the 2022 jury. “I especially appreciate novels in which there is a porosity between reality and fiction”, he adds, specifying that he also likes when humor works. A flavor that perhaps comes from the works of Roald Dahl, whose books he devoured as a child, in particular Matilda, “a girl who fascinated me”. But also, without a doubt, The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry, a story that he rereads regularly and that connects with his love of poetry.

Three hours of reading a day.

Paul Éluard, Mahmoud Darwich, Yves Bonnefoy are the authors he loves. “I like all styles of poetry because they open up a broader spectrum of possibilities”. The last text you have in mind is a classic, the drunk ship of Baudelaire.

Not a day goes by without a book, or I’m sick.

In full professional conversion, someone who worked in a call center and would like to become a proofreader never spends less than two or three hours a day reading. “Not a day goes by without a book, or I’m sick. » He’s the type to read several books at the same time. “I usually read a play, a collection of poetry and a novel at the same time. »

His duty as a jury, he fulfills seriously. “I read at my desk with a small notebook to take notes and remember my impressions after each reading. » You have already read three of the ten selected books. “And they are rather very good novels”, comments without revealing more. Then she hopes to be able to convince the other jurors that her favorite book will become the 2022 Inter Book Prize.

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