Eure. The Guiseniers school participated in the Spring of Poets on the theme of the ephemeral

The two classes of the Guiseniers school (Eure) gathered around Olivier Gosse (in orange). (© Impartial)

the scool of guiseniers It is one of three schools in theEure be labeled as “School of Poetry”.

To benefit from this label, renewable every three years, the establishment has made several contractual commitments enacted in the etiquette charter of the school of poetry.

One of them was to participate in the spring of the poets organizing readings, shows, poetry animations, posters at school.

Two classes, two projects

Following the theme of Desire in 2021, the 24th edition magnifies the Ephemeral from March 12 to 18, 2022.

In the context of arts and cultural education, this event is a good opportunity for students to juggle words.

The CP-CE1 class of Benedicte Menard it was organized by choosing the pond as a support for the poetic animations.

As for the mothers catherine sicartthe director, produced a collective work on birds.

Videos: currently on Actu

To help them, the school turned to an external loudspeaker approved by the National Education.

Author, composer, singer, actor, director, olivier gosse he accompanied the forty-three children inspiring them with his poetry for two days.

haiku construction

One of the special moments was learning to construct haikus, which are extremely short poems of Japanese origin with seventeen syllables divided into three lines as follows: 5/7/5.

A haiku translates a sensation, an emotion, or even a sneaky feeling. It is a kind of snapshot captured in our imaginary memory that we can read over and over again so that each time it awakens a new sensation: what if that were the ephemeral?

In this case, this activity fit perfectly with the theme of the Spring of Poets.

As for the birds in the principal’s class, they have undoubtedly contributed to the influence of poetry by carrying the “verses” in their beaks to tell to anyone who wants to listen.

examples of haiku

Here are three haikus made by groups of students.

water lily flower
Happiness shines in our hearts
ephemeral diamond

blue diamond ring
Dragonfly that shines in the night
deep in the water

water lily flower
all winter underwater
In March at the pond.


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