At school with the winner of the Renaudot des benjamins award

The 300 students of the 13 Pays Loudunais classes awarded this year the Prix Renaudot des Benjamins to Christophe Lambert for his book Calamity – A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary published by Bayard Jeunesse editions. The author was visiting one of these classes on Friday.

Diligent and overexcited, the 29 students of the CE2 CM1 CM2 class at Angliers have carefully prepared their meeting with the author of their favorite book: Calamity – A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary. They wrote down their questions and made big, beautiful posters.

It is the first time that this small three-class rural school has participated in the Benjamin Renaudot Award. An adventure designed to whet the appetite of young readers, which led them to read the five books in the selection before voting.

A great adventure, not always easy: “Not all children have the lexical basis to understand texts. There are children who still have a lot of difficulty reading, it is very heterogeneous, some read books in fifteen days when others take a month, a month and a half “says her teacher Laurine Renoux.

Experienced in the exercise of knowing his young readers, Christophe Lambert brought them the spiral notebooks in which he wrote stories when he was a teenager, different copies of his works, illustrated or not, and the script that inspired him to write the story from Calamity. .

Welcome media to enlighten these curious little ones about the reality of the writing profession.

“Writing is a very lonely profession, you are very lonely at home with your cat on your kneessays the author. “The advantage is that you organize yourself as you want. I get up early, I write in the morning, I eat, I sleep and in the afternoon I reread, I correct. Creative work is more in the morning. The author has his own rhythm, there are some who like to write at night, others who mark a number of pages a day… The most complicated thing is to keep the distance, to maintain the motivation to continue each day, to follow the enthusiasm “.

Writing for me is a way to continue playing, to remain in childhood.

Christopher Lambert, author

When you play Playmobil you do the dialogues, you tell yourself stories. Writing is a bit like continuing to play Playmobil. I have been doing this for 25 years. !”

Every night I read at least three pages of a book.Yanis says.Me, I read all the time, sometimes it’s imaginary, sometimes it’s a bit true, it’s captivating” continues Cyrielle, and to Romane: “When you read you have concentrated on it and you no longer think about anything“.

Rather manga and comic readers, Yanis, Wilson, Cyrielle and Romane have read the five novels in the selection and they all agree on one point: their favorite is Calamity. “This is the place where there was more action, more adventure.Cyrielle said.Calamity is a girl, she has her tastes, she has her optionsRomane continues and Wilson clarifies: He said that the skirt bothered him when he rode, we call that freedom“.

Obviously, the majority of the 300 participating young readers shared his opinion, since, in fact, it was Christophe Lambert who received the Renaudot award for the youngest of 2022 on May 13.

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