Soon a project author for the old town hall of Crisnée: transmigrants are not forgotten

There are two two-bedroom apartments, a shared space for group activities, and smaller gathering spaces. “You had indicated that you wanted to reserve a space for the reception of migrants recalled the ecological councilor Vinciane Ory during the recent municipal council. It does not appear in the file. If you have no place there, then?

The mayor indicates that “The course has not changed.” It also details that a third of the hangar will be reserved for the reception of cyclists. The other two thirds will constitute a room for young people who want to integrate a youth center. “Initially, we thought of it for the explorers who unfortunately left us. There will be a senior citizens’ home with the possibility for seniors to gather there.”

A collective welcome

Regarding the reception of transmigrants, the mayor explains that in the “classic” part of the old town hall an apartment will be created on the ground floor, “have a permanent habitat. On the first and second floor remains our desire to set up a collective reception for transmigrants, we have not changed anything on this level. Tomorrow, if the migration crisis stops, this space will be used for something else, but I don’t have the impression that it will stop immediately.”

Philippe Goffin points out, however, that the way in which the 15 immigrants have been received so far will evolve. “We acted in the most positive conditions possible for two years in the reception that was organized there. Here we will continue but with adjustments and more worthy housing conditions. The project that will be presented to us and that we choose will have to integrate this. We no longer want to accommodate people in transit with us as before, we want to accommodate them in a dignified manner”.

And for him, it was important to organize a combination of occupation. “Because it is positive on all levels. This is the meaning of our approach.”

welcome to women and children

Regarding the reception on floors 1 and 2, with a communal area, the mayor explains that “It is also true that we may be moving towards welcoming women (Editor’s note: in transit) , a very fragile audience, much more so than men. It is also a reflection that we have. Therefore, we also want to give ourselves the possibility of integrating this type of reception. That is, women alone or accompanied by children. Hence the desire to have more intimate spaces than it has been until now.”

Asylum seekers and migrants in transit: not the same

Remember that the ILA (Local Reception Initiatives) are intended for asylum seekers who are waiting for an analysis of their file. “But there are also people who pass through the national territory. Some politicians pretend it doesn’t exist. We do not, we have chosen to accept that, indeed, people pass through our country”.


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