They filter images of an alleged Silent Hill and remove them for copyright infringement

Four images of what appears to be a new Silent Hill. They were leaked by tipster AestheticGamer (formerly known as Dusk Golem), who, while acknowledging that these sources of information are new to him, offered “more than enough evidence to believe them.” It has not been confirmed if they are real, but the photographs were removed from Twitter after a copyright claim: “This image was removed in response to a complaint from the copyright holder. »

Between the images, we can see a dilapidated room full of garbage. In another of them appears the face of a woman who looks like paper. On her forehead is the following message: “I hate myself. One of the concept images is from Masahiro Ito, the designer and illustrator who has been working on Silent Hill since the beginning. Dated October 2020, the concept art shows a hallway with wallpaper plastered to the walls and graffiti: “He’s not the messiah, he’s a naughty boy,” it reads. This phrase belongs to the movie The Life of Bryan, by Monthy Python.

silent Hill

silent Hill

silent Hill

silent Hill

More Silent Hill in development?

Before his Twitter account was temporarily blocked for copyright reasons, AestheticGamer wrote that there was a lot of material he could share. “This is coming from a source who is relatively new to me, but has given me more than enough evidence to give it credibility. I will also mention the names of Anita and Maya, and the text messages. It’s not the only Silent Hill in development.

According to this source, since the footage is somewhat old, the project may “look different now.” And he added: “I know that many will doubt, but I have a lot of private evidence that proves that it is real. As always, I will continue to wait for the Silent Hill game to be revealed. »

Tomm Hulett, producer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memoriesreacted to the angry leaker: “If a studio has multiple people submitting documents to a known backer, they’re not professional enough to do the game justice.”

Bloober Team, the creators of The Medium, have signed a deal with Konami and are working on one of their IPs. Prior to the announcement of the commitment, there were already rumors that the developer was one of those developing a new Silent Hill, although there is no official confirmation at the moment.

Is the Bloober Team the right team to take on Silent Hill? At Netcost we published a review about this. You can read it here.

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