Authors dialogue under the trees

Guest of honor at this Comédie du livre, the novelist Mohammed Mbougar Sarr receives several “carte blanche”, during which he invites his favorite authors or filmmakers. On Friday morning he received Lydie Salvayre, Prix Goncourt 2014, under the foliage of the garden of the Maison des Relations Internationales.

A literary dialogue full of complicity, humor and mutual admiration. Beautiful moment of exchange, this Friday May 20, between Mohammed Mbougar Sarr and Lydie Salvayre. The encounter between two Prix Goncourts, in the freshness of the Maison des Relations Internationales garden, on the occasion of the “cartes blanches” awarded to the Senegalese writer, guest of honor at this Comédie du Livre.

Interview topic: “the art of the novel as resistance to reality”, in relation to the latest work by Lydie Salvayre, sleep standing (Threshold). A book in which the writer addresses Cervantes in the form of letters, to question him about what he is doing with his character from Don Quixote. “A wonderful book, by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, because they make you want to read Don Quixote. He also makes a furious urge to fight today.”. “What led me to glorify Don Quixote is that it puts an end to this divorce between beautiful thought and action, between saying and doing. It is going to collide with the world”the writer develops.

Feminism, madness, laughter

Mohammed Mbougar Sarr highlights one of the book’s themes, the relationship with reality: “Are we running out of utopia today?” For Lydie Salvayre, “It is difficult to dream of a better world with war just around the corner, global warming. And yet, it is utopia that keeps us going.” Contemporary social issues such as feminism emerge from the discussion between the two Goncourts, through the character of Marcela. “She says that she prefers the company of birds to that of a man, that she wants to work and end up free until the end, without a husband to accompany her. We are in 1605!”, emphasizes Lydie Salvayre. “And besides, it’s organic!” “I suspect you are in the field!”, answers the author of The most secret memory of men..

It will also be about madness, laughter. On the pitch, the public savors this rich and spontaneous conversation. This Saturday, two other “carte blanche” to Mohammed Mbougar Sarr are on the program (see box).

To follow…

Two other white letters to Mohammed Mbougar Sarr are scheduled for this Saturday, May 21, at the Pierre-Torreilles meeting space. At 10 a.m., with the novelist and translator Jakuta Alikavazovic, author of the progress of the night (in L’Olivier) on the subject of “questioned language”. Then, at 3:30 pm, “Country of the imaginary, country of imagination” with the authors Sami Tchak (The continent of everything and almost nothing, in Lattès) and Julien Delmaire (Delta Blues, in Grasset).

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