Happy editors, back at the Comédie du Livre de Montpellier

The Comédie du Livre returns to Montpellier. Dozens of authors from all over Europe but also publishers. Close-up of “6 Feet Under”, a Montpellier publishing house specializing in comics.

In his comic book store, Miquel Clémente makes his selection. A total of fifty titles for the Comédie du Livre. The publisher returns there after 2 years of absence linked to covid.

Bookstores and publishers are currently suffering more from paper shortages than during the last 2 years of Covid.

Michel Clemente, bookseller

What has been difficult for customers is not being able to argue with their bookseller to send them books that are not talked about everywhere. So works that are a little more specific, more original. Bookstores and publishers are currently experiencing more paper shortages than during the last 2 years,” explains Michel Clemente.

“6 Feet Under” celebrates its 30th anniversary. There have been ups and downs, great discoveries, knowing the author Fabcaro and today, a catalog of 50 authors.

Our editorial line can go a bit in all directions. We have very funny authors, like more emotional comics. Some with extraordinary graphics, others where it’s not the graphics that count, but it’s the unconventional look at life that will make you think, “continues the enthusiast.

For the Comédie du Livre, “6 Feet Under” features no less than a ton of comic strips. Dcomics ready to be autographed by 7 authors. They will be at the publisher’s stand this weekend.

Texts, books, graphic universes, imaginations and styles, readers, authors, and meetings: every spring, Montpellier hosts the Comédie du Livre, ten days in May.

The traditional three-day festival is over. For this year 2022, the Comédie du Livre returns with a new format: ten days in may. Thus, May 13-22 There will be ten days of meetings, musical readings, debates, workshops and great evenings.

Since 2012, each year the event offers writers a carte blanche allowing them to invite authors and artists they wish to promote. For this 2022 edition, it is the turn of Mohamed Mbouugar SarrePrix ​​Goncourt 2021 and author of The most secret memory of men.to take on this role.

As carte blanche, he chose to invite:

  • annie ferret
  • Jakuta Alikavazović
  • julien delmaire
  • Aminata Aidara
  • Lydue Salvayre
  • Francois-Henri Desrable
  • sami chak
  • Nicolás Lasnibat (Chilean filmmaker)

This 37th edition of the festival is marked by strong figures:

  • 133 meetings, readings and shows offered
  • 127 authors and cartoonists participate in the program
  • 15 bookstores from Montpellier and its metropolis participate in the event
  • 46 publishers from the Occitanie Region present
  • 70,000 expected visitors

Get the booksellers out of their houses

The Comédie du Livre was created in 1986 by the city of Montpellier, on the initiative of its mayor Georges Frêche and his deputy for Culture André Lévy. They enthusiastically accept the project offered by Mia Romero. This journalist from the Midi Libre is also the founder of the “Le Livre sur la Place” demonstration in Nancy (1979).

With La Comédie du Livre, he wants to “get booksellers out of their homes” and offer the public of Montpellier a cultural event around books, right in the street.

It was in 1988 that the 1901 law association “La Comédie du Livre” was created, which at the time was a large open-air book festival, free of charge and dedicated to literature in all its forms.

Numerous meetings take place, the Montpellier associations are actively associated during the literary cafés they organize.

Each bookstore, large or small, generalist or specialized, enriches the event with its proposals, inviting authors who, above all, reflect their own identity and choice.

Regional publishers also find their place at the heart of an increasingly dense and plural programming.

New lines of programming are emerging: each year a national publisher is invited to present its catalog and history to its authors; a carte blanche is entrusted to a writer, so that the public can discover his literary and artistic universe.

The program and agenda can be found HERE

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