Robberies in various municipalities of the Cévennes: imprisonment and warrant of arrest of the author

Alone in his box, the accused lamented the absence of his co-author in the file.

Stanislas P has already appeared before the Alès criminal court. The man with a file full of 22 mentions, including 13 for robbery, accumulates 24 years in prison. In the box, the defendant is implicated in a case in which he has already received four years in prison.

This Friday afternoon, a final salvo of robberies and cover-ups, committed between June and July 2020, in Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, Cendras, Soustelle, Saint-Martin-de-Valgagères were examined.

They steal 42 cases of wine and champagne

The procedure begins when the gendarmes take over an old restaurant converted into a squat. The place is full of various objects, portable electrical equipment, appliances and even 42 cases of wine and champagne that will be stolen from the Saint-Alban de Saint-Privat estate.

Questioned by the president of the hearing, Noémie Turgis, the defendant denies all charges. “The whole team was there before I got there. It was two guys who left us their things to watch. I was locked in a room. I didn’t ask any questions. We were supposed to stay in the squat for a week, finally.” we left after 48 hours.

Of course it was me they were looking for, so I went on the lam.

The 52-year-old deplores the handling of his case by the courts: “I don’t understand why everything is put in my hands. I would have liked to be confronted with my colleague so that he could also explain himself.” Without clearly formalizing it, the accused implicates Florent V, a man with a long judicial past. “They had given me a vehicle, but he was the one who used it to commit a robbery. He abandoned the vehicle, and there was my license. Of course they were looking for me, so I ran away. “

Elements seem to incriminate Stanislas: His telephone terminal the same day as a robbery in Cendras. Mattresses are stolen. they will meet in the squat. His DNA was found by investigators.

DNA found in stolen car

“A coincidence” asserts the accused. “And your DNA on a stolen Ford parked in front of the squat is also a match?”Cyrille Abbé questions for the prosecutor requiring two years in prison and the issuance of an imprisonment order.

I, Karim Derbal, protest against the searches: “The stolen objects have not been analyzed, we do not know who handled them. It’s unfortunate that her buddy isn’t there. He is the only one who came to explain himself.”

After deliberation, the court handed down a sentence of 18 months’ imprisonment with a warrant of imprisonment. Before returning to detention, Stanislas deplored the destruction of the seals, including his tattoo equipment: “It’s always the same ones who are punished.”

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