The Mavs authors of a dirty gesture in front of Luka? The amazing video!

The Mavericks didn’t manage to win this Friday, but they put together a pretty encouraging performance for the rest of the series against the Warriors… On the other hand, they were the authors of a particularly dangerous gesture that infuriated Reggie Miller.

After a one-sided opener, Dallas was eager to make an impression against the Warriors, to show the three-time champions that this conference finals would be no walk in the park. Mission partially accomplished, as Jason Kidd’s men managed to take a 19-point lead in the first half, proof that they were worried, even though they were eventually caught and beaten.

Despite this negative result and this deficit that is now 2-0, the Mavericks cannot throw everything away and, in particular, Luka Doncić. If Andrew Wiggins had totally muzzled him in the first game of the series, this Friday he was able to recompose himself to put up 42 points, accompanied by 8 assists and 5 rebounds, which is much more in his standards.

Dallas midfield bench in controversial action

Omnipresent, the Slovenian prodigy was also involved in the evening’s controversial action. In fact, while defending the elusive Jordan Poole, he was faced with the dangerous attitude of his teammates on the bench. It’s a habit, every Dallas player stands inches from the field, and they never back down, not even on corner kicks. The league has already fined the franchise $50,000, with no effect, which infuriated Reggie Miller:

The Mavericks have already been warned and fined twice for actions similar to this. It’s terrifying for a player. You want to be able to fall calmly, without the risk of stepping on a foot.

For Reggie Miller, without a doubt, the Dallas bench was the author of a dangerous gesture, and it would not be the first time. As a legendary shooter, he was concerned to see the Mavericks’ backups leave their feet under Jordan Poole’s on this corner kick. It must be said that if the number 3 fell on him, he could have done a lot of damage with a big sprain, or even worse. Netizens shared the same opinion on Reddit:

When it’s half past five: I’m sure Mark Cuban told his players that he would happily continue to pay the fines to keep them doing this.

mcnullt: If the fines are not dissuasive, you have to put technical fouls.

igby1: It is dangerous to have players 10 centimeters from the line. You have to put techniques against the substitutes.

Dallas has already had to pay a fine, but the subs are still only half on the field during games, which is starting to annoy some. At the moment the league does not say anything, but there should be a change in the rules soon.

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