A history of the editions of Le Dilettante by the outcast of French letters

I write with the cane so they can hit me. (…) Am I a serious doctor? »

Marc-Édouard Nabe has switched to self-publishing or “anti-publishing” for several years. Many of these writings and the enemies he has made throughout his presence in the literary world demand that we put his work into perspective in light of his blunders. For this edition of the pamphlets published in Dominique Gautier’s house, the company should be less delicate given the theme of the texts.

A collection of anarchist aphorisms, a virtuous little text on the torn and unpatriotic version of the Marseillaise by jazzman Albert Ayler, a story of his former neighbor at 103 rue de la Convention, Michel Houellebecq, and a portrait of himself, at the 27th book stage (for those born on December 27), in cursed letters . But also a beautiful portrait of the handsome gypsy composer from clouds, and a collection of humoristic-scato-sonneto-jazzy poetry. About 280 pages in total, a scary red cover, and the title in sad yellow…

The Dilettante, from 86 to today

In the unpublished preface of this integral the names (of birds) explode, and the scenes of Dilettante are revealed, as one would expect from the admirable informer of French letters. “ So here is my big comeback in the bookstore! (laughs) This is how this thirty-page text begins where the author of The man who stopped writing Have no illusions about the fate of this new publication. It sets out to describe this surprising friendship between the “dilettante” Gaultier and the hot-headed Nabe, inscribing this story in the history of the publishing house since the mid-1980s.

At the time, the publisher-bookseller was still in the 13th arrondissement described by Houellebecq in his latest novel. The graphomaniac enters the house together with Limonov and Rebatet, whose correspondence is published… Anna Gavalda and Romain Puertolas will arrive much later.

From a first 5-member soviet, the Dilettante and Gautier, in a libertarian spirit, opened up to “client-friends” who became part of the entire editorial policy, and whose portraits Nabe made of them were worth the detour: This group of losers. It is about the publication or not of his collection of poems, far from the flowersthat all these beggars wading through the mud of their neuroses » abandon ship. End of the dilettante anarchist actée, Gaultier signed Anna Gavalda in 1999, installing, side by side, the best seller with his worst seller… The question that runs through the entire preface: what is anarchy? According to Nabe: A sadistic glee at seeing the Society in each individual take hits “Here, as elsewhere, the Renaudot finalist from 2010 (another era) sends tackles with both feet, like a PSG-era Momo Sissoko.

Anarchy, but also friendship, which for the author of Happinessis found in “ mutual psychological admiration “. And more specifically with Dominique Gaultier, ” each shares the fun take on the other’s character “.” He (Gaultier) doesn’t like what I write at all, and I don’t like what he publishes at all, but he understands why I do it, that’s where he’s superior to me, because I still don’t understand why he publishes all this shit! The writer ends up giving way to feeling.

5 pads in express speed

All those who in life are like a fish in water drown the fish. Here is one of the aphorisms of To each my tastes that, in the most successful cases, as the exercise must require, open a door to an abyss: it is enough to oppose or develop over hundreds of pages. The first sentences of the marsellesa, written on the occasion of the bicentennial of the French Revolution, are weightless, and the text, of a dark lyricism, like the jazzman, who died at 34 at the end of the night. ” Ayler shows what the most beautiful western melodies of sleazy and ridiculous zombies have become. » « Albert’s ghost keeps me awake. Only fireworks light me up. I listen to Albert Ayler’s Marseillaise. »

the twenty-seventh book exposes Houellebecq with cruelty and accuracy, not without acknowledging the reasons for the success of the author of theExpansion of the fighting field. Above all, it is the mirror of his failure. An irony of fate that he seems almost amused. “Okay, it wasn’t programmed to be successful, but at this point of failure, it’s scary! “Houellebecq’s thesis of success, and the opposite, of his failure: the first” gets the strippers hard. It turns them into readers. » When the other wants to be an absolutist of art. ” Thesis novel + flat writing + affirmed atheism + criticism of his time (but not too much) + rock-pop culture + defense of capitalism + attack on the Arabs = guaranteed success. Who did this? Look no more in your mirror, it’s you, Michel, my dear neighbor… By the way, he kills Philippe Sollers.

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Django (Reinhardt) was blessed. Ecstasy makes you lucid. Surprised by everything, including himself, he walked full of sensations, like a cloud full of rain. Django and his two fingers, cloudy as if absent, lyrical, because precise: “ He went through the world. Well padded, all in vapor of love, floats in the restless sky, forever. » And poems to finish: enucleated muses, an orangutan, sonnets, quatrains, flowers, the anus… He is not a poet for a penny. He is too thoughtful, too observant, that is the great secret from the author of The Age of Christ.

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