For several years, the departmental library of Ariège has organized the “Rencontres d’auteurs. » with classes from 3 to 15 years old.

For several years, the departmental library of Ariège has organized within the department a device called “Authors’ Meetings. »

The Ariège Libraries offer to bring together authors, illustrators and children with their class, from 3 to 15 years old. (nursery, primary, university).

At the beginning of the school year, the BDA offers classes (through media libraries) a large number of books by the chosen author or illustrator. The children take the time to read the author’s works and prepare for the meeting, which takes place between February and June.

These meetings are always extraordinary events for children. They discover an author, his work, his trade, his passions… They also share what moves them. They experiment with writing, or different illustration techniques, sometimes they discover the pleasure of reading or writing, of inventing, of being created…

It is also the occasion for the children to share, through the preparation of the meeting or in the spontaneous exchange, what they make of their lives, their aspirations, their expectations of such a meeting.

Finally, it is the way, before the meeting, to make the children visit the library, to make them want to stay there long-term, to find something that feeds their desires and their curiosity through the different media and animations that are offered.

During the 2021-2022 school year, Bernard Friot (author), Mickaël Jourdan (author/illustrator) and Cédric Asna (also known as Ced, comic book author), 3 (inter)nationally renowned authors, met with 50 classes of kindergarten, primary and secondary. and a Leisure Center (ie 1260 students)

With Ced, they discovered and experienced the stages of building a comic strip.

With Mickaël Jourdan, they worked on cut paper to create floral frescoes, leporello (accordion books), volume puppets.

For Bernard Friot, they wrote their “hasty stories”, composed poems, baked cakes, made an animated film, visited a museum, created kamishibai, wrote video game scenarios,… with him, they counted, recited, invented,… and he laughed! ! On Friday, May 20, the students of the Loubens school had the privilege of receiving the nationally renowned writer. An afternoon put under the sign of exchange and sharing, where young children were able to present their own “hasty stories”, their poems, their invented words… inspired by the author’s works!

This system also extends to IMEs:

This year, the IME and the ITEP of Eycheil/St Girons welcomed Fanny Pageaud, author/illustrator, for 3 successive workshops. The young people created landscapes with cut paper, figures with rubbed muzzles, maps using the technique of engraving. A project is underway to exhibit these works in the Foix media library.