He sneaks into a mother’s bed in the middle of the night with a plastic bag over his head

“It’s 5 am, you’re sleeping peacefully. Your baby starts crying, you wake up. Above you, two eyes stick out of a garbage bag. With these words, Brice Zanin, a civil lawyer, describes his client’s nightmare. The assault occurred on the night of Saturday May 21 to Sunday May 22, in Revel, Haute-Garonne.

The victim, a 23-year-old mother, was scared for her life when she discovered a man in her bed, straddling her. With his face masked by a plastic bag, he took her by the arms, mimicked the sexual act and slipped her: “Don’t yell, I don’t mean to hurt you, we know each other…” Panicked, and while she was baby he was screaming right next to her, she managed to stay calm and found the courage to talk to him.

The scene lasted several minutes. The man, very alcoholic, left and then came back. When he finally left after half an hour, the young woman called the gendarmerie. The suspect was caught nearby.

“I wish I never came out”

In the hearing this Tuesday, in the Criminal Court of Toulouse, the debates were heated. In front of the president Myriam Viargues, the 36-year-old man, in tears, was unable to explain her gesture. Described as “immature, alcoholic and somewhat short on intelligence” by the expert psychiatrist, he explained that he “wanted to talk to her.” Because the two know each other -from afar, through common relationships-, although the young woman says that she has not seen him for at least two years and she has never accepted her repeated friend requests on social networks.

The upset young mother testified at the bar that her little girl has been very agitated since the episode and is still scared herself. “I wish it never came out,” she said. Her lawyer described the man as a predator: “He tracked her down! […] Drink alcohol to give yourself wings! He didn’t drink more than necessary, he drank just enough to dare. Prosecutor Tristan Lamouille described the events as “clearly premeditated” committed by an “extremely disturbing” character.

obligation to care

The defense tried to dismantle premeditation. “He’s just a poor man!” protested his lawyer Cécile Bordes-Escaich. If he puts a bag on his head, it’s because he thinks he’s too ugly! She denounced “requisitions that make no sense” for a situation “as pathetic as possible.”

But the judges followed the requests of the prosecution and sentenced the man to 30 months in prison, including one year, with continuous detention. The decision is accompanied by an obligation of care and the prohibition to be in a large area around the victim’s home. His name will also be placed in the sex offender files.

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