Michel Béhar, author: “International news constantly offers new intrigues”

Karim Leclerc, polytechnician and DGSE agent, is a spy. He lives adventures full of suspense and adrenaline in the four corners of the world, in a context of geopolitical conflicts. From Russia, via China and Syria, the French agent crosses paths with terrorists, the Russian military intelligence service or even the Chinese secret services. Karim Leclerc is the main character of the first two volumes of the “Spy” spy saga, which will be released this Wednesday, May 25.

Michel Béhar explains to El Capital how his professional and human experiences gave him the necessary inspiration to start writing his books. This HEC graduate investment banker, specialist in geostrategy and geopolitics, makes the link between his fictional novels and the current geopolitical context.

Capital: You are a specialist in geostrategy and geopolitics, former director of an international private security company… Has this career influenced the writing of your books?

Michel Béhar: Yes, in many ways. My career has allowed me to travel to more than 70 countries. I was able to observe on the ground and find myself at important moments in history. I was present in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, very close to Argentina, when the Malvinas war began, but also in Jakarta in Indonesia when former dictator Suharto resigned after a popular revolution. I could give you other examples, but all these experiences enriched my knowledge of the terrain, cultures and historical facts, which I was able to complete by documenting myself.

What do you think of the current global geopolitical context, in particular the war in Ukraine?

It is an excessively worrying conflict that can lead to a possible world conflict. I think that Vladimir Putin made huge errors in judgment and his intelligence services probably also underestimated the situation in Ukraine. We are at a crest where the world may tip toward global conflict or, we hope, toward peace.

Could this war influence the rest of Spy’s plot?

Absolutely. International news constantly offers new intrigues. The codes of the Spy collection must start from real events and combine them with elements of fiction. The action service of the DGSE, according to various sources of information, currently has a hundred agents operating in Ukraine. They coordinate arms deliveries, train Ukrainian Army soldiers, and carry out ground observation and reconnaissance missions. And without having official information, one can very well imagine that they take part in the protection of President Zelinsky whose life is permanently threatened. All of these elements could play a role in the rest of my adventures.

What are your plans for the future?

A much more global project on the Sy collection. With the New Authors editions we intend to create an adaptation of the saga into a television series that would take place over several seasons. But we also want to develop a comic strip, a video game, an escape game and, ultimately, a metaverse around the world of Spy in which Internet users can identify themselves through an avatar as an intelligence agent and live adventures together with Karim Leclerc.

Are you already in contact with production houses?

In fact, we are in talks with several production companies, there is an interest on their part in adapting the Spy series, but nothing has been decided yet.

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