Pavilions, where authors and readers meet

Thus, the participating authors will send -one, two or four times a month, depending on the project- a text to their subscribers around a particular topic, such as a soap opera or a television series, which would broadcast a new program a week .

Fiction, poetry, narration and comics: all literary genres are welcome at Pavillons. The monthly subscription price varies between $2 and $4, on average, depending on the creations.

It is always interesting to multiply the places of access to literature and, as I like to explore new ways of writing, it represented a form of freedom for me.underlines the author who grew up in Ottawa, Martine Delvaux.

with your project Marylandwill explore the meaning of his name: What is the last name I have? What does it mean to sign my name? What is the meaning of the initials? I want to rave about these initials, which are mine, and see what it evokes in me.she explains.

It’s like a playground, when you make a book, you try a lot of things, but it’s not made public. Stay in our drafts. But doing it publicly, testing things and making it readable for the public, I find interesting. »

a quote from Martine Delvaux, author who grew up in Ottawa

Proximity and appointment

The name of the platform, Pavillons, is a way of doing concrete this new meeting place between writers and their readers.

We often think of websites as intangible. It gives the impression that they are not places as such. Pavilions, for us, evoked a place where there is the possibility of meeting, where the authors can show the fruit of their creation.argues one of the three co-founders of the platform, Marie Lamarre.

Unusual in the publishing world, the execution speed and the post recurrence proposed by Pavillons establishes a close relationship between the public and the authors they subscribe to, she believes.

When a subscriber receives the newly written text from the author they are subscribed to, we have the impression that we are in the heat of the moment, in the heart of creation, because [en] They are the first witnesses. »

a quote from Marie Lamarre, co-founder of the Pavillons platform

the appointment established by the author allows follow your writing processin addition to understand that the contribution we offer to the artist we love [NDLR: l’abonnement mensuel] has a real influence on your workadds Ms. Lamarre.

At the moment, there are four projects available, including that of Martine Delvaux. Ten more will be launched in June.

New authors can also submit their projects. We would especially like to see art criticism, chronicles, popular science, for example. it is very openconcludes Marie Lamarre.

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