Pupils from five kindergartens rewrite history in front of each other

Almost 800 kindergarten students in the city worked on the same four literary works. One of the authors will come to meet the little Poitevins, so that they can present their work.

It is a large-scale literary project, in which five Poitiers kindergartens located in the priority education network (Rep) have embarked.

Called Un livre m’a dit, the program brought together no fewer than 42 classes and nearly 800 students in three establishments in Couronneries (Andersen, Charles-Perrault, Alphonse-Daudet) and another two in Trois-Cités (Tony-Lainé, Jacques -Brel). Its objective is to allow the study of four common works between the classes. The books were offered by teachers, but also by the central bookstore La belleaventure.

Four books
to enrich
the program

“The goal is to bring cultural and literary openness closer to children”, evokes Audrey Liaigre, director of the Andersen kindergarten and coordinator of Rep en Couronneries. In addition, the study of four new books allows teachers to enrich their program. With the help of pedagogical advisors -who contribute their skills to the five establishments- new learning is provided through educational and digital backbones.
Audrey Liaigre continues: “It also helps create a bond between the classes. Since each group of students created works around the stories they read. There are drawings, decorations, writings, scenes. Each production will be shown to other students through videos or photos. »

The arrival of an author

If this project is carried out every year, 2022 has a unique character, with the arrival of François Soutif, one of the authors studied in class. He will go to the Poitevin schools to explain to schoolchildren the design of a book. “For children, explaining this process will allow them to materialize what a book is in concrete terms”notes the project coordinator.
In exchange, the students will present the numerous works produced from the book by this young illustrator. Many took the liberty of rewriting or expanding the story, to exercise their sense of imagination. All this was then put into image or text. Enough to give ideas to the author, who will come to Poitiers on June 2 and 3.

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