Texas school shooting: who is Salvador Ramos, the author of the attack?

I was only 18 years old. The portrait of Salvador Ramos, the author of the shooting at Robb Elementary School, located in Uvalde, Texas, begins to take shape, a few hours after the shooting that left 21 dead, including 19 children.

According to Pete Arredondo, police chief of the Uvalde school district in charge of the investigation, the young man would have acted alone. It is said that he first shot his grandmother, before going to the primary school where he, dressed in paramilitary clothing, was shot dead by the police. His motive remains unknown at this time.

a lonely young man

Salvador Ramos, a US national, was a student at Uvalde High School, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Isolated, he skipped classes and gradually dropped out of school. Salvador Ramos cut his face with a knife, says a teenager who has known him since kindergarten.

According to the New York Times, he worked at a restaurant for a year, before quitting a month ago. The American newspaper quotes Adrián Méndez, his former manager, who affirms that Salvador Ramos “did everything to be alone. No one really knew him.”

According to the Houston (Texas)-based newspaper Houston Chronicle, which quotes Texas Senator John Whitmire, he would have bought his gun on May 17, the day after he turned 18, the legal age in Texas to carry a gun. Three days later, Salvador Ramos would have bought a second rifle.

Investigators are trying to get “detailed information about the profile” of the young killer, “his motives, the type of weapons used and whether he had the legal authority to possess them,” Gov. Greg Abbott said. A mugshot circulated in local media shows a young man with shoulder-length brown hair, his face pale and expressionless.

Mocked by his comrades

A friend, who did not want to reveal his identity to CNN and with whom Salvador Ramos regularly played on the console, claimed to have received photos of the alleged murderer’s assault rifles. Salvador Ramos would have, according to CNN, added that “his friend of his would not recognize him.”

Still according to this colleague, Ramos was teased by his classmates for his clothes and his family’s economic situation: “As soon as he got to school, little by little he gave up.”

The suspected shooter complained to his grandmother that he didn’t want to go to class anymore, a cousin, Mia, tells the Washington Post. “He wasn’t really a very social person as he was bullied because of his stutter,” she adds. “He was being harassed very harshly and by many people,” a former close friend, Stephen Garcia, also testifies to the newspaper.

Horrible social media ads

Salvador Ramos was present on Instagram and TikTok. On his Instagram account, deleted after the murder, he posted several photos: two black-and-white self-portraits in which he appears in a hooded jacket, hair down to his neck, and a photo from a rifle magazine.

The weekend before the tragedy, one of his relatives said he received two photos of Salvador Ramos’ assault rifles, similar to those posted on Instagram. “Four days ago,” another former classmate of the gunman, who wishes to remain anonymous, recalled to CNN, “he sent me a picture of the AR (a type of assault rifle) he’s using … and a backpack filled with 5.56 ammunition. , probably something like seven chargers.” ” I was saying dude, why do you have this?and he threw me don’t worry “.

On TikTok, the alleged perpetrator had written “Kids get scared” in his bio. That is, “children are afraid in real life.”

Salvador Ramos had also announced his attacks on private Facebook messaging. He successively posted a message warning that he was going to shoot his grandmother, then another specifying that he had done it. “The third message, probably less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school, said: I will open fire in an elementary school Governor Greg Abbott said at a news conference.

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