Author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ convicted of her husband’s murder – Reuters

Detectives later told Ms. Brophy that her husband had died and asked for details of the matinee. She said her husband got up early, fed his chickens and walked his dogs. She said that she woke up when he went upstairs to take a shower. She estimated that she left for work a little after 7 a.m.

But investigators discovered video in the neighborhood of the culinary institute that showed what appeared to be Ms. Brophy driving her old truck in the area at the time of the murder. Mrs. Brophy testified that she did not remember this period, and she speculated that she might have been making coffee and taking notes to write her book. She said her conversation with detectives took place when she was overwhelmed by the news of her husband’s death.

In their closing arguments this week, prosecutors acknowledged that their case was based on “all the circumstantial evidence,” saying the jury had to put together a “puzzle” to reach a conclusion.

“Nancy is the only person who could have committed this crime,” Overstreet told the jury.

Ms Brophy and her defense team argued that the two were married and planned to travel in the future, and that the prosecution’s case was based on “suspicion” and “speculation”.

“The love that Nancy and Dan Brophy had was not a mere possibility. It was the best proven fact of this trial,” defense attorney Kris Winemiller said in closing arguments this week.

Defense attorneys also relied on CCTV from the neighborhood to try to suggest that perhaps a homeless person in the area might have committed the murder. They showed video at the trial of a man hiding behind a wall and peering into a bag when officers arrived on the scene. Investigators said they were unable to identify the man.

Although friends and family testified that the Brophys appeared to have a strong and collaborative relationship, which lasted approximately 25 years, prosecutors said that Ms. Brophy had a financial incentive to kill her husband, presenting evidence that the couple had been in financial trouble. and that she had moved to collect life insurance policies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They noted that she asked the police for a letter saying she was not a suspect just a few days after her husband’s murder.

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